Meet The Team

John Budge - Manager

John has been a stalwart of the local music scene since the mid 90s. Having played drums for 20 years, he has been in numerous bands including Coarse, Gekko, Giant Indian, The Mavis Krank, Ranglar Punjab, Rogue Radio, The Scallywags and The Vicious Caberet.

As well as responsible for the day-to-day running of SoundARC, John is also has a hand in organising the annual ArcFest charity gigs in aid of the Garden House Hospice.

Alex Lewis - Producer

From recording his own bands in attics to cramming a home studio in a car and setting up shop in people's homes, Alex has made some pretty poor life decisions - until of course, returning from university (having studied Music Technology) and pitching a tent in the SoundArc control room!

After having been in numerous metal bands, working with a wide array of artists and bands, entering several remix competitions, completing works-for-hire contracts for pop songs, and having produced a multitude of recordings ranging from pop, rock and EDM, Alex currently plays guitar for Hierarchy and two other as yet un-named projects.

Gareth James - Producer

Gareth landed a job at SoundARC in 2002 after completing a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology, and since then has worked with literally hundreds of bands and artists covering just about any genre imaginable.

His love of all things music tech-related stems back to his school days, where he spent countless hours writing and recording music on his Commodore Amiga and 8 track Portastudio.

While not currently in any bands, Gareth has played in several over the years, including The Mix, Melt and Redford.

Alongside producing, he also builds websites (this being one of them!).

For more information visit Gareth's website at

Joe Eftihiou - Producer

Joe is a First Class Music Technology BA (Hons.) graduate and audio engineer/record producer. Joe has recorded and mixed music for bands and solo artists at studios across the country, resulting in an expansive library of projects from many genres of music. He works with musicians closely, ensuring that the music is given the care it deserves and that the desired vision is achieved.

Previous recording clients include - Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters), Focus, Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Harry James (Thunder), Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Ozbourne) and Inglorious.

Andrew Budge - Live Sound

Andrew has been involved with the local music scene for well over ten years, having played bass with Beretta, Misguided Missiles, and Vanilla Nightmare. He promotes regular gigs at both The Red Lion in Stevenage and The Victoria in Hitchin as part of SoundARC Promotions, as well as the ARCfest charity gigs in aid of the Garden House Hospice. On top of that he also DJs in and around the North Herts area.

For more information visit Andrew's website at

Wilf - Dog

The SoundARC team wouldn't be complete without everyone's favourite pug Wilf. Often seen around the 'ARC doing what dogs do best - sleeping or eating things - he's always available for photo opportunities and/or corporate sponsorship.